Spoon sweets

Spoon sweets the way we want them!

A new chapter in the history of spoon sweets is written by be sweet with our new flavors and exclusive recipes. We take the most favorite materials of Greek cuisine and we transform them in Greek family’s favorite dessert; spoon sweets!

Kalamon” Olive & Caper: Greek olives with designation of origin, traditional-debittered without chemical, in a fantastic combination with our beloved Greek capers! The result Thrilled even the most skeptical!

Florina’s Peppers: The famous Greek peppers from Florina in a recipe - revelation with rich aroma, taste and character, thanks to the very light and fine spice of a little hot pepper! Worshiped even by children!

Garlic and Basil: Our favorite garlic made into a unique recipe for spoon sweets. Forget everything you have tasted such as comfits, caramelized garlics or whatever else you may have tried before! Accompanied with fresh Basil it gets all the freshness it needs to be loved!

Onions with Mint: The thousand-ways-to-be-cooked onion, protagonist in the Greek cuisine has been transformed in an amazing recipe of spoon sweet. And also in this case, forget everything you've tried such  as onion comfit, onion jam, caramelized onions or whatever. The texture of this spoon sweet with the "fresh" but tender body, the subtle scent and the freshness of Spearmint takes is a unique and full of taste experience!

We also serve on the Greek table spoon sweet Cranberry and Lime adding this way new proposals beside the our beloved traditional flavors that we offer at their best version: tomato, bergamot, apricot, cherry, fruit cocktail, watermelon, walnuts, chestnuts, quince, mandarin, eggplant, bitter role, orange, rose, grape, fig and bitter green!

All be sweet spoon sweets are made in Greece by Greek producers, with Greek fruits and nuts, no added colors and fragrances. They are cooked with an exclusive -made for be sweet- recipe in order to keep their quality and taste. Note that, that the ratio of fruit/syrup is 60/40 the minimum and can reach 80/20, depending on the volume of the fruit.

Never before there was so much fruit in a jar!

Finally, the glass vase where the spoon sweets are placed are branded jars chosen for their quality and for the fact that endure the high demands of a Greek housewife. The wooden gift packs supplied for small vases are handmade, made in Greece.


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