Some people love it and some people hate it because of its strong personality. However, like it or not, it is recommended for everyone!
Garlic contains a substance known as alisini, which owes its distinctive smell, but also the protection of the plant itself from invaders (insects, microorganisms). It contains a high amount of vitamin B6 and C, manganese, selenium, and numerous scientific studies highlight the beneficial properties.

Famous because ...
It seems that a clove of garlic (about 4g) daily offers the beneficial effects of this plant. These are:

-Garlic the hypolipidemic hypocholesterolaemia
Without fully elucidated the mechanism shown that garlic acts by reducing the activity of an enzyme that takes part in the endogenous biosynthesis of cholesterol. In patients on lipid-lowering therapy may garlic be combined with their treatment.

-Reduces Triglycerides
Moreover, some components of garlic (sulphides as thio-allokysteini) who meet this long been peeled, cut or slurried, seems to contribute to the inhibition of the enzyme that synthesizes fatty acids.

-Prevents flu-cold
Boosts immune function and has been associated with preventing colds.

-Protects liver and kidneys - Antioxidant: This range of beneficial effects due to allisini, and other compounds (e.g. soaps) formed from garlic extract

-Prevents cancer. The study Iowa Women's study has shown that moderate consumption of garlic can reduce by 35% the likelihood of developing colon cancer. Garlic especially when 'suffering' (cutting, peeling) contains substances with particularly anticancer activity (thio-allokysteini, allicin, allyl disulfide).

Even a few minutes of cooking can reduce levels of alisinis and other beneficial substances in garlic. When cooked whole garlic reduction is greater, whereas if the garlic has been peeled, cut or slurried before cooking the reduction is less. This is because peeling, cutting and / or mashing the garlic releases alinasi (enzyme), which aids in the formation and beneficial anticancer sulphides. Therefore, it is advisable to peel garlic, to chop and leave it so for 5-10 minutes before cooking.

Buying garlic
Choose dry, plump, firm garlic without spots. Fresh garlic is white to off-white. Avoid garlic with patches or a soft head.

Storing garlic
Do not put it in the refrigerator. Store garlic in a dark, cool spot (ie closet) or a clay pot.

Cooking Prepare garlic
For peeling: with the flat side of a knife press each clove down quickly and gently (note: fresh garlic is sticky and difficult to peel). Discard the papery skin, cut the root end and chop.

The best way is to consume raw garlic. There are medications, like garlic pills.

Patients receiving anticoagulants should inform their doctor about the consumption of garlic, and garlic has anticoagulant properties.
Also, do not overdo their consumption, over 5 cloves of garlic a day, beyond the stench can bother him ..perigyro, causes severe bloating and heartburn.

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Author: Bertzeletos P.Dimitris, MSc

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