We passionately create new, original flavors after months of efforts and with the help of specialists.

We support Greek producers and Greek products by preparing our sweets in Greece with Greek fruit.

Imported products are branded, produced in E.U. countries and imported exclusively by be sweet.

We choose the packages of our products with the same care we choose the content. Our moto “holistic” quality.

Beef burger with picles and garlic spoon sweet

• 1 kg ground beef
• 4 tsp sea salt
• 4tsp pepper
• 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
• 4 onion rings
• 4 tsp. “be sweet” Garlic with Basil spoon sweet, drained
• 16 picles
• 1 cup potato chips
• 4 burgers buns

Step 1:
Put the ground beef in a bowl and add salt and pepper. Mix well and form four thick patties. Use your fingers to make a shallow well in the top of each patty.
Step 2: Cook the patties with the wells facing up.
Step 3: In a heated pan sauté the onion rings.
Step 4: Brush the bread with oil and grill until toasted, up to 2min. per side.
Step 5: Form sandwiches with burger buns, burgers, “be sweet” Garlic and Basil spoon sweet, pickles, onion rings, and potato chips.



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