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be sweet’s who is who?
be sweet is a wholesaler and retailer of chocolate and confectionery. Through our e-sho (, we offer our customers the opportunity to byu in retail products they desire by collecting them themselves from our head office or by courier to the place they wish. Also, through our website, professionals interested in wholesale can be informed about the range of products and then -by login in- take additional information and wholesale prices.

Prices shown are retail or wholesale?
Prices displayed to all visitors of our e-shop are retail prices. In order to be able to see our wholesale prices you have to proceed to registration for wholesale.

Why should I register and give my details?
Registration is required only if you are interested in wholesale prices or wish to make a specific offer or wish to be notified about our new products via newsletter or through a retailer in your area (valid in Athens). This is because we want to confirm that those who contact us are actually professionals with real interest and for no other reason. We do not use your professional information for other purposes nor disclose to third parties.
If we conclude that your info is not true it is most likely not to respond to you.

I do not have a credit card. Can I make purchases?
Of course. The credit card is only one of the payment methods. There is also the option of cash on delivery (in Greece), bank transfer or payment through Pay Pal.

Can I collect from your office?
Of course. After you complete your purchase, we are waiting at the 27 Aigaou st., New Smyrni, GR 17121 Athens. We will have your package ready to not wait!

Can I return if I change my mind for some my purchase?
Yes. Read the policy details and conditions on Shipping / Returns.

I received the wrong product. What happens in this case?
We will replace it immediately and assume the cost of returning the wrong products and shipping the correct order. Read the policy details and conditions Shipping / Returns.

I received a broken package or tainted product. What happens in this case?
We will replace it. Read the policy details and conditions Shipping / Returns.

The chocolates I got slightly "whitened". Are they spoiled?
All chocolates in our warehouse are kept in ideal conditions and thus we avoid such phenomena. However, the differences in have this result in all chocolates, especially in summer. Chocolate, in a cool environment (e.g., warehouse or store) which is transferred in a hotter environment (e.g. the road) and then again in a cooler environment (e.g. at home) tends to "sweating" a small portion of cocoa’s fat. This does not in any way mean that chocolate is corrupted and unfit for human consumption.

Can I find your products in stores?
Yes. You can find our product in selected  confectioneries, liquor stores, health food stores, etc.

Why choose products with be sweet’s label?
In be sweet we believe in the value of good quality products and invest in it. Unfortunately, hard times have brought in the market many products of second and third class quality or even products which prove to be unsuitable for consuming. We support passionately the good quality of our products and we choose Greek fruit for our spoon sweets, our Candied fruits and our fruit pastes. We make private agreements with the producers so we always use the same (approved by us) recipe which guarantees stable quality, non-use of synthetic fragrances or dyes, and respect for the processing of raw materials. Also, with us you will find original, high quality packaging and new flavors that have not made another in the past!

Is there a certification for gluten-free products?
Our gluten-free products, such as be sweet lollipops, when purchased are accompanied by the producer's certificate for the use of raw materials without gluten. However, we as a company, send samples in a certified greek laboratory for double checking the absence of gluten.

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