We passionately create new, original flavors after months of efforts and with the help of specialists.

We support Greek producers and Greek products by preparing our sweets in Greece with Greek fruit.

Imported products are branded, produced in E.U. countries and imported exclusively by be sweet.

We choose the packages of our products with the same care we choose the content. Our moto “holistic” quality.

Milk chocolate with biscuits

Manufacturer: be sweet
Greek handmade milk chocolate bar with pieces of filled biscuits. Made from selected fine chocolate and quality biscuits.
Code: Net weight: ±120g
Mininmum order:20pcs

From Greek hands

At be sweet we invest in Greek hands for our chocolates! We have the pleasure to work with the most notable and reliable producers in Greece with beautiful results! Our new partnership began from our desire to invest in Greek ideas and possibilities. be sweet's chocolates can be found in seven flavors.

Constantly new ideas

At be sweet, faithful our moto "Traditional Values​​. Fresh Ideas." we create original and unique flavors from carefully selected raw materials. We combined the rich texture and flavors of fine chocolate with delicious fruits aiming a great taste and a healthy product. In our range you can also find suggestions which will be loved from all the little ones for their taste and appearance!

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