We passionately create new, original flavors after months of efforts and with the help of specialists.

We support Greek producers and Greek products by preparing our sweets in Greece with Greek fruit.

Imported products are branded, produced in E.U. countries and imported exclusively by be sweet.

We choose the packages of our products with the same care we choose the content. Our moto “holistic” quality.

Handmade candied fruits | with flower

Χειροποίητα φρουί γλασέ από ελληνικά φρούτα, στολισμένα με ανθάκι
Φρουί γλασέ βερίκοκο από ελληνικούς καρπούς | Χειροποίητο
Χειροποίητα φρουί γλασέ από ελληνικά φρούτα, στολισμένα με ανθάκι
Φρουί γλασέ αχλάδι από ελληνικούς καρπούς | Χειροποίητο
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Manufacturer: be sweet
Greek juicy fruits candied with knowledge and care so they can keep all of their taste and aromas. Decorated with a small flower.
Code: Α 108
Net weight: 1kg

Our beloved flavors

We treat you all the traditional Greek candied fruits with a fresh perspective. We re-think traditional. We put away all the bad… habits that cost to quality and good taste and we make again trendy all the old techniques and values. Made exclusively from Greek producers, with Greek fruits and wrists, without rush and wrapped by hand, they have the mark of our land and a taste worthy of our memories.
See greek candied fruits in a handmade wooden box

Constantly new ideas

be sweet, faithful to the philosophy of "Traditional values. Fresh Ideas.” continues to invest in family businesses that offer quality products with respect to the consumer. We make sure that the units we work with have all the knowledge, experience and of course ... taste. Because our aim is always to offer this "something more" that carry the values of the past to move steadily forward.

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