We passionately create new, original flavors after months of efforts and with the help of specialists.

We support Greek producers and Greek products by preparing our sweets in Greece with Greek fruit.

Imported products are branded, produced in E.U. countries and imported exclusively by be sweet.

We choose the packages of our products with the same care we choose the content. Our moto “holistic” quality.

Greek delights in bulk

Ελληνικά λουκούμια χύμα-be-sweet
Manufacturer: be sweet
Assortment of small “bites” or large delights in four delicious flavors: spearmint (with real spearmint pieces), rose (with real rose pedals), lemon (with real lemon zest) and orange (with real orange juice).

Net weight: per 6kg

Re-think traditional

We treat you traditional Greek delights with a fresh perspective. We re-think traditional. We put away all the bad… habits that cost to quality and good taste and we make again trendy all the old techniques and values. Made exclusively from Greek producers, without rush and handmade procedures. They have the mark of our land and a taste worthy of our memories.

Greek mark

be sweet loyal to its philosophy of "Traditional values. Fresh Ideas.” brings to market all the products we have loved over the years and new ideas that surprise for their freshness and taste! We trust the Greek hands, bet on Greek thought and creation, we share the vision. We return to tradition and look forward.

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