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Manufacturer: Vannucci
Wrapped candies, liquorice flavor. With a rich filling with peppermint for a refreshing delight. Available with the Vannucci glass jar.
Code: 1-524
Net weight: per 250g

Delicious, natural flavors

Vannucci’s candies fly are made with pure ingredients, without preservatives and with natural essences or natural fruit juice depending on the case. You can find them four flavors: frappe (filling 29% of cream milk, almonds and hazelnuts powder), peppermint, licorice, Forest fruit.
Ask today and the elegant glass vase with Vannucci’s logo and make a difference!

Top level manufacturer

The Vannucci company was founded with a strong traditional. And the difference must be emphasized because what is done to produce the Vannucci chocolate is the result of a completely handmade process. The machines are there, could not be otherwise, but the products do not come from an assembly line. They are almost unique pieces, if not in actual production as in the design, care and "purity" of working that are placed at the base. It's artisan chocolate in the sense that is made in the classic and old, those who produce on a large scale cannot afford and that instead the consumer appreciates why allow him to rediscover and enjoy a taste that he thought "killed" by globalization.
The company simply follows the great tradition of producing chocolate of Perugia, claiming and defending the oldest techniques of the oldest confectionery, which manifests itself through chocolates which must be above all a celebration of feeling unique, inimitable and difficult to forget. The chocolate thus conceived becomes almost an art.