"Lollilove XMAS"

Manufacturer: be sweet
Greek, handmade lollipops.
Net weight: 90g

Delicious, all natural flavors!

They are huge, they are beautiful, they are delicious and they are gluten free! Try them now also frozen for great taste and coolness that lasts! be sweet brings exclusively and for the first time in the Greek market highly impressive lollipops which are 100% handmade with no preservatives, no fats, no gluten and therefore can be consumed by people suffering of gluten intolerance. They are certified and tested by laboratory analysis (both from the producer and from us). Let the pure candy and fresh flavors of lemon and berries to give you a great, fresh taste and your travel!

Back to the future!

be sweet, faithful to the philosophy of "Traditional values. Fresh Ideas.” brings an… old fashioned, loved through the years product made once again with pure ingredients but also with an innovation! Tthis lollipop can be consumed by all, but all children even if they cannot consume gluten! It's so huge and delicious no, that does not leave unmoved. Small or big.


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