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Quality. Taste. Reliability. Uniqueness. Everyone who visualizes, works and makes things happen sharing the same principles is or could be our partner. Quality: Above all. We are careful with what we consume to protect our health and we enjoy at the maximum delicacies produced, packaged and preserved with care and love. Taste: We say “no” to artificial,easy solutions and we offer products with true appearance and flavors. We bring back tasteful memories of the past and create new recipes which come from the evolution of the old ones. Reability: We always ensure that our products’ quality and taste are stable. That is why we work with producers with expertise and certified production units. Uniquness: We like to stand out. That is why we reserve the exclusive rights to all imported products and strict recipe agreements for all greek products with our own label.

The Italian company with the gourmet chocolate and confectionery products has already stood out in international markets. Vannucci S.p.A. produces and packages its products in a modern production facility, which is located in Perugia, a place with great history in Chocolates and Confectionery. The people behind the company’s name strongly defend tasty traditions and traditional techniques of their place, which are among the oldest. They love chocolate, they respect it and they make the most of their excellent raw materials.
Although on-site one finds a high level of technology, machines are “present” and only in certain predetermined times and products could never be characterized mass production. In all phases of production qualified staff intervenes and takes the process to preserve the character of handmade, which is the hallmark of the company.
Currently they export products to America and Europe. In Greece, Vannucci products are exclusively imported by be sweet.

The people we met from the family business Amore immediately impressed us with their passion for creation and good quality products. Their products are 100% handmade, preservative free, fat free and gluten free, with natural colors and natural flavors. They create with attention to detail and in accordance with the traditional pastry, which is rare nowadays. The lollipops of-which are an innovation and were presented for the first time in the European market in 2013 - are produced and packaged in Germany exclusively for be sweet.

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The experience, the knowledge, the passion and the recipes that Greek producers have are priceless values and this is what makes them our valuable partners. We keep strict agreements with them for the use of Greek fruit and exclusive recipes that can respond to the high expectations of our label. But do not stop there. We create with them new products from scratch based on our vision, experience and hard work.
We trust Greek producers for the fruits we use, Greek craftsmen for the wooden caskets and boxes that “embrace” our products and Greeks printers for all labels and other prints.


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