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The passionate Italian

With award-winning cocoa beans as raw material and the invaluable experience and expertise as a weapon, the passionate Italian creates, surprise and conquer. Vannucci, the internationally distinguished Italian firm chocolate from Perugia, has a large variety of gourmet chocolate imitable products.

The absolute, well-defined flavors, aromas explosives, the rich body of chocolate and the exquisite, luxurious packaging, betray his obsession to detail and passion for cocoa. What make the difference are the secret recipes and the blend of cocoa beans from Latin America, the selected nuts, fruits and high quality spirits.

Vannucci produces and packages in Perugia, a place with great history in Cocoa and Confectionery. Defending vigorously the culinary traditions and traditional techniques of the place, which are considered among the oldest. Vannucci loves chocolate, respects it and highlights it as a material.
At the company's facilities one can find high-level technology. But the machines are "present" only in certain and predetermined times and products could never be characterized mass production. In all phases of production qualified personnel intervenes and takes the process to preserve the character of handmade, which is the hallmark of the house.

The brands flagship is the Pasta di Cacao 100%, chocolate bar made with a patented recipe made exclusively from cocoa mass without any added ingredients! A product with quality and knowledge that few can produce in an international level.
Pasta di Cacao 100% is produced in ideal conditions and constant temperature for 72 hours, with the counching process. This method gives a chocolate bar that retains all cocoa's beneficial ingredients!

This year the Italian chocolate firm makes a difference bringing us the gourmet chocolates certified as "gluten-free" products so that everybody can have the ultimate Vannucci experience.

Vannucci Chocolates exports their products to America and Europe. In Greece comes exclusively from be sweet.

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Gluten free chocolates

Certified gluten free, italian gourmet chocolates by Vannucci!



Vannucci 100% Cocoa Paste

Leave a small piece to melt on the back of your tongue to taste the most complex aromas of fruit and spice. The Vannucci 100% Cocoa Paste is necessary for everyone and the object of desire for true chocolate lovers.


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